Monday, October 11, 2010

Police Cat!

And now, another of my all-time fave viral kitty videos - featuring a very friendly feline and a very patient police officer!

What was this kitty's game?  Interference with justice?  Was the officer covered in catnip, or valerian root (another herb us kittehs enjoy tremendously!)  Did he want to become a sheriff's deputy?  In any case, this has got to be hands down the friendliest feline I've ever seen!  Two paws up!!  :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Cat Artists?! I could be the next Picasso!

My human is always finding out something new & interesting in the cat world, and this week was no different.  She stumbled across the "Paws 4 Art" Show and Auction going on locally this weekend, showcasing local artists' work (and yes, even some by our furry friends), and decided to do a little research.  Sure enough, what she found was that (as no surprise to me of course!) there are seemingly a few cat artistes out there:

In fact, there's even a site dedicated to the great Da Vinci's, Rembrandt's, and Van Gogh's of the cat world!  (The one of the paint splattered kitchen is my fave, btw!)
Now if your cat isn't quite the "artistic" type, or you don't want a mess, you could try this:

In fact, I think I'm putting the "Art-Casso Paint Kit for Cats" on my wish-list! While I'm at it, I think I'll add the "KittyKat Circus", both of which are available on  So to all of my budding feline artists out there, grab a brush, some non-toxic watercolors and paint your town red!


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